Camping Parks In Australia

If you are looking for camping parks in Australia, then Warrumbungle National Park is an option you need to seriously consider. Sitting amidst the mountains and forest of north central New South Wales, around 340 miles from Sydney, Warrumbungle covers an area of over 21000 hectares and is home to native animals such as koalas, emus, kangaroos and numerous species of birds. The park was placed on Australia’s National Heritage List back in 2006. One of the finest camping parks in Australia, Warrumbungle is popular amongst those interested in camping and rock climbing.

Rock climbing and other outdoor activities: The rocky peaks at Warrumbungle are ideal for rock climbing adventures which are allowed everywhere within the park apart from Chalker Mountain and Breadknife. Climbers should register in advance at the visitor center.

Like other camping parks in Australia, Warrumbungle offers a range of outdoor activities. The e-how article “Warrumbungle National Park Camping” says the following about the recreational activities at the park: “Outdoor recreation is abundant in the park. Warrumbungle National Park has become famous for the darkness of its night skies, making it a perfect destination for star gazing; in fact, the Anglo-Australian Observatory, one of the largest optical telescopes in the southern hemisphere, is located just outside of the park. There are many trails and tracks available for visitors who wish to hike or bike through the park.”

Camping Sites: Camping sites at Warrumbungle include Burbie, Balor Hut, Gunneemooroo, Ogma, Dows, Danu, Pincham and Hurleys camps. All these camps are situated in different locations within the park, and boast different facilities for different kinds of campers. Some of the sites offer showers and wheelchair access, whilst others don’t even have potable water. Visitors should bring their own water to the campsites with them, even if there is supposed to be drinking water available at the camping site. You can visit Warrumbungle’ website to download the map or get more information.

Camping Seasons: Camping is available at Warrumbungle throughout the year, but is more pleasant during summer months. Since the park is situated in the southern hemisphere, the summer season lasts from November to February. The park gets most of its rain during the month of January, and it receives the least amount of rain in September. No matter what time of the year or season you visit, Warrumbungle is one of the most excellent camping parks in Australia for you.

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