Travelling by a campervan can be an incredible experience. The sense of freedom and flexibility that comes when you don’t know what you’ll come across or where you’ll end up along the way is the main charm of this form of travel. Obviously, you’ll want to get the most out of your mobile home adventure. Here are a few tips for first-time campervanners:

Plan ahead: Try to strike a balance between complete freedom and a bit of advance planning for your trip. If you’re travelling in the peak season, it can be difficult to find a spot at a campsite. Therefore, it is a good idea to book in advance.

Select the right van: A small campervan can be ideal for a couple going on a short trip; however, things may get ugly on a longer vacation. If you’re unsure, choose a larger size- you’ll love the extra space. But make sure not to overdo it- bigger vehicles can often be awkward.

Understand terms and conditions: Read the terms and conditions, particularly cancellation fee and payment clauses before making a booking. Since campervans are specialty vehicles, most rental companies will at least expect a portion of your rental in advance.

Familarise yourself with the vehicle: Make use of the introductory information- make sure you know how to work with water, gas, fuel electrics and waste. Inspect the vehicle along with your rental company agent and take note of any damage. Check out all interior contents including cooking equipment, bedding and extras such as camping chairs.

Make sure you’re covered: Don’t embark on your journey without adequate breakdown cover and travel insurance. Nothing can spoil a memorable vacation like an unforeseeable expense at the end. It is perhaps worth paying a bit extra to waive or even reduce the excess fee.

Drive carefully: Keep in mind that you’re driving a high vehicle. Watch out for low-hanging tree branches in camping spots. Of course, you don’t want the expense and inconvenience of a dented roof.

Be food smart: The fridges found in campervans are small and run on battery power while you’re driving. Therefore, you should avoid overstocking them. Plan your stopovers and try to purchase what you will require for 1-2 days. This is particularly useful in warmer areas.

Returning the vehicle: Make sure you return the van tidy and neat inside and out; or else, you may have to pay extra for cleaning. Also, don’t forget to empty the waste and refill the fuel just before returning the van.

As with any other mode of travel, there are ways to avoid hassles and save money when travelling by a campervan. The above tips can help you ensure your caravanning adventure is stress-free and enjoyable.

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