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Olive Hill Farm RV Campground

Margaret Rivers newest campground. Olive Hill Farm is the 1st private campground on a farm under a new planning regulation of the Augusta Margaret River shire to encourage more people to stay in the region. Olive Hill Farms campground has only 10 caravan/ camping bays. FEATURES: Olive Hill Farm RV Campground is setup to cater for those who are self contained, in that they have their own toilet or porta potty. Families and … [Read More...]

Alexandra Bridge Camping Ground

Alexandra Bridge Camping Ground is a new concealed camping ground located 26 km north-east of Augusta on Clarke Dr just beside the Blackwood River. The forest landscape on the east side of the camping ground shows a diverse species of plants and trees. The camping ground offers great amenities like children's playground, pensioner's concession, and BBQ area. It is perfect for family and group activities as it a perfect place to go boating, … [Read More...]

Caravan Parks In Margaret River

If you want to enjoy a one-of-a-kind holiday in the south west corner of WA, then you should try to stay at one of the many caravan parks in Margaret River. The south west's wonderful outdoors are the region's biggest attraction and the most sought-after way to experience the breathtaking scenery is by going on a camping or caravan holiday. There is a wide range of high quality caravan parks in Margaret River to select from, most of which are … [Read More...]

Point Road Campground

Point Road Campground offers a tranquil campsite in the magnificent Boranup Forest section of the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National park around 21 kilometres south west of Margaret River and 25 kilometres north of Augusta. Point of difference: Point Road Campground is a small and sheltered campground set amidst peppermint woodland and situated on the edge of marri-karri forests. This is an excellent place for those who want to get up close and … [Read More...]



Travelling by a campervan can be an incredible experience. The sense of freedom and flexibility that comes when you don't know what you'll come across or where you'll end up along the way is the main charm of this form of travel. Obviously, you'll want to get the most out of your mobile home adventure. Here are a few tips for first-time campervanners: Plan ahead: Try to strike a balance between complete freedom and a bit of advance planning for your trip. If you're travelling in the peak season, it can be difficult to find a spot at a campsite. Therefore, it is a good idea to book in advance. Select the right van: A small campervan can be ideal for a couple going on a short trip; however, things may get ugly on a longer vacation. If you're unsure, choose a larger size- you'll love the extra space. But make sure not to overdo it- bigger vehicles can often be awkward. Understand terms and conditions: Read the terms and conditions, particularly cancellation fee and payment … [Read More...]

Margaret River Camp Sites

If you need information on Margaret River camp sites, then you have come to the right place. Caravanning and camping is a must-try experience when exploring this stunningly diverse and pristine part of Western Australia. Camping gives you the flexibility to move around during your vacation, and is the perfect way to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. Staying at one of the many Margaret River camp sites is probably the best way to get closer to the immaculate natural environment of this region. There are not many outdoor experiences in the world that can meet the pleasure of sitting around a campfire on a star-filled night with the silence only broken by the sound of the moving wind or waves crashing onto the shore. For relaxation and freedom and exploring some of the most amazing parts of the region, nothing can beat camping. It is no surprise that this option appeals to nature lovers seeking peace, comfort and cleanliness. Margaret River camp sites are an affordable substitute … [Read More...]